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It is widely recognised that all networks will be put under operational strain by the rapidly increasing demands on bandwidth from the complexity of today's applications. Often problems only come to light when your users experience poor response times.

The target of the our Health-Check service is to provide a network-wide assessment and suggest solutions to any problems or irregularities found.

These days can be tailored to meet your specific needs but a one-day health check typically includes;

  • A complete analysis of existing network infrastructure
  • An initial assessment and diagnosis of existing problems
  • A full measurement of network performance and utilization (including switches and routers)
  • Detailed analysis of traffic load patterns and network protocols

A written analysis of your network during a `typical' working day is then produced to define the actions necessary to balance the network for efficient operation. Network monitoring is carried out on-site and is done using the Observer Suite from Network Instruments. This product has full SNMP and RMON capabilities and will also provide trend analysis of your network over the course of the day.

Our Network Consultants have extensive experience with both Local and Wide Area networks. When problems arise they can quickly assess the effect of this problem on the corporate network and effectively pinpoint where the problem is originating. Combining their knowledge and experience with the technical expertise to analyse network protocols, you can feel secure that any network problems can be identified and rectified quickly.

One-day health check and written report - 1250.00

Call your account manager or email for details.


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