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Further Info

The Advanced Single Probe display shows a convenient quick snapshot of current network conditions.

  • Supports wired and wireless networks (LAN, 802.11 a/b/g, Gigabit)
  • Collects data on remote LANs, local/remote segments or switches
  • Full password protection of data
  • Run Triggers and Alarms on Probe collected data

  • Supports Ethernet (10/100/1000), 802.11a/b/g, Token Ring (4/16/100), Gigabit
  • Runs on a standard, non-dedicated Windows 2000/XP/2003 PC and requires no
    additional hardware
  • Optimize packet capture, performance and receive error information by purchasing
    additional Ethernet NICs and ErrorTrak™ drivers, available from Network Instruments
  • Must be installed on at least one remote system for each remote network, segment
    or switch to be monitored
  • Run the Advanced Single Probe as an unattended service for full-time data collection

Capture data without consuming resources
When gathering real-time statistics, the Advanced Single Probe consumes very few system resources and keeps local traffic to a minimum with as few as two to three 64-byte packets per minute. In Packet Capture mode, Probes collect packets in a local buffer, compress the buffer and then transfer captured packets to the Observer console on demand.

Collect data anytime, unattended
The Advanced Single Probe can be configured to collect trending data, perform captures and collect statistics completely unattended – no connection to an Observer console is required. Collected information can later by downloaded and viewed in an Observer console. This is often used to keep a historical baseline of network or switch conditions, or troll for a problem on a remote site without generating a connection or unneeded network traffic.

Greater depth of network statistics collected and analyzed
The Advanced Single Probe provides full packet capture and decode information, network trending and extensive statistics including but not limited to:
  • Bandwidth Statistics: Utilization, Top Talkers
  • Wireless Statistics: Site Survey, Access Point Load Monitor
  • Pair Statistics: Latency, Response Time, IP Pairs

View data from any location with Web access
Use the Web-based snapshot for a quick view of remote network conditions from any browser. The snapshot is updated continuously with current information and provides easy access to data when the Observer console is not installed or unavailable.

View data from any console with password protected rights
The Advanced Single Probe reports to one Observer console at a time, but can be redirected to any Observer console on the network as needed. Password protection insures remote data is only shared with authorized network administrators.

The Advanced Single Probe also includes an RMON Probe
The Network Instruments Advanced Single Probe can be installed as an Advanced Single Probe or an RMON Probe. The RMON Probe offers full compliance with RMON1, RMON2 and HCRMON standards and is compatible with any RMON management console or collection facility. The Advanced Single Probe provides greater depth of network statistics and more analysis features. For more information please review our white paper entitled “Advanced vs. RMON Probes usage with Observer Products.”


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