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GigaStor™ Probe
Advanced Multi-Probe for Massive Data Collection and Storage

Capture Terabytes of Data at Wire-Speed

As networks get faster, data loads increase. Today’s network problems have become more elusive and more complex. Enterprise IT administrators at transaction and data-heavy corporations have to deal with some of the most complex network issues while continuing to worry about computer hacking and intellectual property theft. To solve these issues, administrators need the ability to capture days or even weeks worth of network traffic directly to disk for comprehensive analysis. The Network Instruments GigaStor Probe is a cost-competitive, reconstructive network analysis appliance ideal for network administrators that require the full story into what is happening on their network. This high-powered, high-capacity probe is best for data mining, data retention compliance, and capturing network anomalies, including network forensics.

The Network Instruments GigaStor Probe combines a multi-terabyte, high-performance RAID array with proprietary software allowing ultra fast capture-to-disk technology, and a full-duplex gigabit capture interface in an easy-to-deploy unit.

   • Sustained write speeds of up to 70MB/s
   • Bursts up to 130MB/s
   • Exclusive Network Instruments proprietary software to provide ultra-fast
     capture-to-disk technology

   •Capture multiple terabytes of network data
   •Save days, even weeks worth of traffic data
   •Industry-leading 4GB Memory Buffer

   •4U rack mount unit
   •Fits seamlessly into the Network Instruments Distributed Network Analysis
     (NI-DNA™) architecture
   •Reports back to the award-winning Expert Observer® or Observer Suite console
   •Can be configured as a local console for on-site analysis

Ideal For
   •Network forensics
   •Data mining
   •Transaction-heavy organizations
   •Data retention compliance

Proven Analysis Metrics

Real-Time Statistics such as Network Summary, Bandwidth Utilization, Top Talkers, Switch Statistics and more

Packet Capture and Decode features such as Nanosecond Resolution, a 4GB Memory Buffer, over 500 protocols decoded and more

Network Trending and Reporting features such as Network Trending Dashboard Display, Efficiency History, Comparison Analysis Reports and more

GigaStor Probe Features
• Insert and remove the GigaStor Probe without disruption of the gigabit network
   •Flexible filtering technology not only controls what is capture and stored; it can
      also mine stored data using the same interface
   • Obtain full-duplex, wire-speed gigabit capture and statistics
   •Review statistics and perform packet captures and decodes that adhere to
      RMON1, RMON2 and HCRMON standards
   •Ensure accurate captures on fully saturated networks with a 64-bit, 66 MHz
      Gigabit Ethernet card engineered by Network Instruments

Utilize with Expert Observer or Observer Suite

The GigaStor Probe works with the award-winning Expert Observer or Observer Suite console to provide the most comprehensive packet-capture, decode, real-time statistics, expert analysis, network trending and network reporting selection in the industry. Observer features include:

   • Nanosecond resolution for enterprise-level networks
   •Graphical filter rule editor makes creating complex filters effortless
   •Over 500 protocols and countless sub-protocols decoded
   •Over 450 Expert Events to speed troubleshooting
   •Triggers and Alarms for immediate alerts on network activities or errors
   •Application Analysis statistics including response time and total/failed transactions
      for common applications such as SQL, MS Exchange, Oracle, VoIP, DNS
      and more. 

Technical Specifications


4U Rack Mount Probe

Console Options

Works with Expert Observer or Observer Suite

System Specs

A complete system, running Windows XP
Multi-Terabyte Hard Drive
High-performance RAID array
Includes 10/100/1000 Ethernet Management Port Utilizes a 64-bit, 66MHz, Gigabit Ethernet NIC

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