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Products > Hardware > Gigabit Advanced Probes
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Hardware-Based, Wire-Speed, Full-Duplex Gigabit Advanced Probes.


Troubleshoot and document local or remote gigabit segments without leaving your desk

Complete Insight and Visibility at the Core of Your Enterprise

Help guarantee the availability of business-critical applications and infrastructure with the Network Instruments GigaTrunk Probe (GT Probe).


Obtain powerful visibility and performance optimization for the enterprise core from any location

Watch vital network statistics on crucial trunked gigabit Ethernet switches and links

Problem Resolution
Troubleshoot the trunk in aggregate or at the conversation level

Monitor and analyze load-balanced traffic for greater efficiency

Purchase only the interfaces needed today - add components as desired tomorrow

Product Features:
   • Monitor up to 4 full-duplex gigabit links simultaneously
   • Insert and remove the GT Probe without disruption of the gigabit network     
   • Capture and analyze load balanced trunk traffic by conversation and by packet
   • Obtain full-duplex, wire-speed gigabit capture and statistics
   • Utilize the largest memory buffer (4GB) in the industry for capturing large
     amounts of data without packet loss
   • Acquire link bandwidth utilization rates independently or in aggregate
   • Watch packet flow with directional and trunk indicators
   • Review statistics and perform packet captures and decodes that adhere to
     RMON1, RMON2 and HCRMON standards
   • Ensure accurate captures on fully saturated networks with 64-bit, 66 MHz gigabit
   • Ethernet cards engineered by Network Instruments

The GT Probe collects data from the trunked gigabit links that function as the main arteries of the network. Through the installation of an optical or copper Test Access Point (TAP), the GT Probe gathers data and does not interfere with or disrupt network traffic. By collecting data both in real-time and at the individual link level, conversations can be viewed in aggregate for a complete analysis or by conversation for detailed packet investigations.

This screen shot shows bandwidth utilization in aggregate and link-by-link for a 2-link trunk.

(click image for larger view)

Technical Specifications


4U Rack Mount Probe

Console Options

Works with Expert Observer or Observer Suite

System Specs

A complete system, running Windows XP
Includes 10/100/1000 Ethernet Management Port
Available with up to four gigabit Ethernet links
100% line rate capture
Utilizes 64-bit, 66 MHz, Gigabit Ethernet NICs

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