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Cost £11995
1 years maintenance £2399


The Observer Enterprise Edition includes all the features of Observer Suite with 25 Remote Probes.

Troubleshoot Any Network Problem, Anywhere, at Any Time - With Complete Protocol Analysis, Expert Systems, Distributed Architecture, SNMP, RMON and Web Access for Shared and Switched Networks.

The ultimate toolbox for troubleshooting and maintaining your network -

The Observer Enterprise Edition includes all the features of Observer, Expert Observer, and Observer Suite - plus an integrated RMON1/2 console and management interface, a built-in web server and web based access to trending and reporting, with 25 Probes.

  • Convert your PC or laptop into a powerful protocol analyzer
  • Instantly access the effectiveness of network changes
  • Pinpoint difficult problems through real-time or post-capture expert analysis
  • Obtain instant expert explanations online for each event and item
  • Optimize specific network devices through the full-featured SNMP management console
  • Monitor, analyze and troubleshoot a group of LANs/WANs from a central site using the industry standard RMON 1/2 collection console
  • View multi-segment LANs/WANs by adding Advanced or RMON2 software probes
  • Monitor all ports on a switch
  • View Observer statistics from any web browser using the built-in web server
  • Configure and update SNMP device parameters all from a single location

The Ultimate Tool For The Most Demanding Power User—Observer Suite

Observer® Enterprise: A cost-effective, software-only, Windows-based tool that extends Observer's core functions—integrating multiple networking technologies, creating the most comprehensive toolkit available, capable of analyzing any network problem, anywhere, at any time, from the network administrator's PC.

Observer Enterprise is a network monitor and protocol analyzer for Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI. Observer Enterprise puts metrics, capture/decode and trending for both shared and switched network environments. With its included Probe running on a PC on a remote segment of any LAN, WAN or VLAN, Observer Enterprise can monitor not only the local segment/switch, but the remote segment as well.

Observer Enterprise offers both real-time monitoring and troubleshooting, as well as a complete trending and baselining collection system to view historical data collected for days, weeks, months or even years. Observer Enterprise provides a complete management solution for even the most complex LAN/WAN environments.

Simply Put: The Observer Enterprise Is The Most Complete, Feature-Rich Network Management And Analysis Product Available Anywhere.

A Summary of Enterprise’s Major Functions:

Packet Capture/Decode
Decode - Decodes all primary protocols and subprotocols, over 500 protocols decoded, and over 4000 unique frame types recognized.

Filters - Inclusive, exclusive, address range, error, library of protocol presets and offsets, custom offsets with use of up to twenty offsets simultaneously.

Real-Time Statistics
Bandwidth Utilization - Shows your LAN's (or switches) current bandwidth (or throughput).

Top Talkers - Top stations, receiving, sending & total traffic. Includes percent, total packets, broadcasts, multicasts (each per second) for each station on your LAN.

Protocol Statistics - Breakdown of all traffic by protocols and subprotocols presented in table or graph format. Up to 255 user-configurable IP protocols.

Pair Statistics (Matrix) - Tracks all conversation pairs on the LAN. Graphical matrix shows pair conversations with lines that reflect total traffic flow.

Internet Observer - Shows user's Internet usage in three views: Internet Patrol - Displays individual users' Internet usage. IP to IP Pairs (Matrix) - Displays true layer 3 IP addresses. IP Subprotocols by Station - Displays each users' specific Internet (or any IP) usage by service.

Error Tracking
Vital Signs Display - Displays network errors for Ethernet, Token Ring or FDDI. Ethernet Packets too big/small, CRC, collisions, alignment. Token Ring - All 29 MAC layer errors reported by Type I, II, III and beacon. FDDI - all 183 SMT and MAC layer errors reported.

Errors by Station - For Ethernet, Observer Enterprise includes standard ErrorTrack - NDIS drivers that allow tracking of Ethernet Errors by station. For Token Ring and FDDI, errors by station are displayed with standard adapter drivers.

One-Button Solutions
Efficiency History - Measures and grades data-carrying capacity of a segment. Provides an independent baseline assessment of changes and additions.

Router Observer - Lets you focus Observer Enterprise on a specific device (usually a router). Displays packets, bytes, packets and bytes/sec plus percent of the device's interface being used.

Switch Statistics
Switched Modes - Observer Enterprise uses advanced sampling and scripting to loop through all ports on your switch and collect statistics on a port-by-port basis.

Historical Trending
Network Trending - Trending mode with viewer allows user to collect, store, view and analyze the network traffic over days, weeks, months, and even years.

Distributed Via Probes
Extensible via the addition of software-based, non-dedicated Probes, Observer Enterprise is a fully-distributed protocol analyzer. The 25 Probes provide identical statistics and functionality for remote segments as the Observer Enterprise console. Observer's 25 Probes can be installed as either the Advanced Probe or the RMON Probe.

The Advanced Probe - Offers a superset of RMON functionality. The Probe software runs on a standard non-dedicated Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP PC and requires no additional hardware. For NT/2000/XP, a Probe can be run as a service. Additionally, the 25 Probes can collect trending data without being connected to Observer (unattended mode).

The RMON Probe - An industry-standard RMON1/2 compliant Probe application. All 19 RMON groups are supported with full adherence to RFCs 1513, 1757, 2021 and 2074. RMON Probes can support up to 10 interfaces. A Probe running in RMON mode can report to any RMON or SNMP management console that supports RMON1/2. RMON Probes can also be run as a service on NT/2000/XP.

Additional Features
Traffic Generator—Allows generation of traffic for testing purposes. User can specify packet type, packet size, packets/sec, time period to generate, destination, source and number of packets to send.

Discover Network Names—Discovers all MAC addresses and auto-aliases for IP, NetWare or Microsoft. Each is configurable—a DNS lookup for IP, for IPX a NetWare server query for login names, for Microsoft NetBIOS login names are found for each hard address.

Observer Enterprise's Built-In Extensions Put The Power In Your Hands—From Expert Analysis to Reporting via a Web Browser.

Expert Analysis

Observer Enterprise's real-time expert offer both expert event identification, and expert analysis and modeling. Local and remote traffic is analyzed using different critera to make certain your troubleshooting time is not clouded with false events due to WAN or Internet connections. A summary of expert features includes:

  • Instant On-Line Expert Explanation Help
  • Expert Summary Problem Analysis
  • Expert Event and Problem Identification for:
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • ICMP
    • IPX/SPX
    • NetBIOUS/NetBEUI
    • SQL
    • Frame Relay
  • Time Interval Analysis
  • Graphical Connection Dynamics
  • Server Load Analysis
  • "What If" Modeling
  • WAN Compare  - Tracks conversations and response times across a WAN without the need for expensive time synchronization equipment

SNMP Device Management and Data Collection

While Observer monitors network traffic, SNMP (Simple Network Protocol) is the standard for monitoring specific network devices. With Observer Enterprise, the benefits of protocol/traffic analysis and full SNMP device management no longer need to be two separate activities. Observer Enterprise offers complete SNMP device management, supporting multiple views of SNMP device data, and both readable and writable SNMP objects through Observer or a web browser. The Observer Enterprise's SNMP offers a variety of reporting tools, including highly configurable charts, tables, lists and graphical objects (forms). Traps are fully supported and multiple notifications are available upon trap reception. A MIB compiler is included to offer support for any vendor’s SNMPv1 or SNMPv2 MIBs.

  • Complete SNMP Management Console
  • Complete router, switch or any SNMP compliant device configuration tool
  • Single tool for multi-vendor hardware networks
  • Remote console for SNMP based devices anywhere on your LAN/WAN or connected by the Internet

RMON Probe Device Management and Data Collection

The RMON console in the Enterprise monitors and controls any RMON-standard device - router, switch, server, or hardware probe—or program anywhere on the network. The RMON included is fully compliant with all RMON1 and RMON2 specifications, and fully supports all 19 RMON groups. A single management tool for multi-vendor networks that includes:

  • A remote console for RMON based devices anywhere on your LAN/WAN or connected by the Internet
  • A cost effective RMON analysis solution

Web Reporting

The Enterprise's Web server and interface expands the availability of Observer's analysis statistics to any platform that supports a Web browser. Trending information is collected by Observer and reports are dynamically generated on a request-by-request basis from any browser. Reports can be configured to display data based on time, station(s), or SNMP data. Provides non-Observer users controlled access to LAN or WAN baseline data incuding:

  • Access current or historical statistics from any browser, anywhere
  • See real-time statistics with granularity down to 1 minute

Observer Enterprise Requirements:

System Requirements
Minimum: Pentium 400 w/128MB RAM, Windows 98 or later, a supported network adapter, a mouse, and a color monitor running at 1024x768 resolution. Recommended: Windows 2000/XP, Pentium 600 (or faster) w/256MB RAM, and a color monitor running at 1280x1024 resolution.

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