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Track app issues, tame VoIP and video, and find expert solutions


Reduce your troubleshooting time with Observer Expert by quickly pinpointing problems and their root causes, and responding with our Expert help.

You receive the power of the Observer network analyzer, plus Expert Event notification with suggested solutions, powerful analytics, and in-depth application analysis.

Keep business-critical applications functioning properly—keeping end-users satisfied—with application performance solutions unequaled in an integrated network analyzer.

Add VoIP and Video Expert Analysis, Stream Reconstruction, Multi-Hop Analysis, and Connection Dynamics and you’ve got an all-in-one powerhouse troubleshooting solution.

Over 700 Expert Events

The Observer Expert network analyzer contains a multitude of Expert Events to alert you to problems and help you quickly solve them.

Expert Events work both in real time and post capture, allowing you the functionality and flexibility to handle problems as they arise. Once an Expert alerts you to an issue, it offers likely causes and potential remedies.

Make better decisions using our Expert Events: TCP, UDP, VoIP, Wireless and more

  • Tracks, organizes common services
  • Flags response performance by severity
  • Tracks port-based protocols for slow response
  • Differentiates between network, application problems
  • Judges local traffic differently than WAN/Internet traffic

Conversation Analytics

The Observer Expert network analyzer's TCP/UDP Expert Events alert you to issues such as excessive retransmissions, and provide an explanation of the problem and possible causes. Unique to Observer is Connection Dynamics, which breaks out individual network conversations graphically, piece-by-piece, so you can see exactly where the problem is occurring.

Retransmissions and dropped packets are flagged in red, so you'll know at a glance where problems lie. Likewise, large spaces between conversation sections are a simple way to spot latency and response time issues.

Observer Expert allows you to literally keep an eye on network conversations and latency issues with its Connection Dynamics view.

Unified Communications

Unified communications shifts an entirely new burden onto the network. The Observer Expert network analyzer helps ensure quality voice, video, telepresence, and data interactions.

Whether it is making certain your network can handle your next international videoconference, keeping the sales department's instant messaging up and running, or providing VoIP call center customers with the best possible experience, Observer Expert has valuable tools for planning, implementation, and maintenance.

Observer Expert lets you monitor Quality of Service (QoS) levels and quality scores, save and replay voice and video, view actionable call detail, gain high-level traffic summaries, and more.

Set custom alarms for instant notification and react quickly with help from Expert Analysis. Utilize tools such as Trace File Aggregation to monitor and troubleshoot a single voice conversation traveling across multiple links.

Application Performance

Observer Expert’s application analysis boasts a depth and detail unique in the network analyzer space. Our solution helps you ensure application uptime—and business productivity—in a single network and application performance package.

With Application Analysis:

  • Get response time data for thousands of applications
  • Go beyond response time with performance metrics
  • Take advantage of unmatched transaction detail
  • Benefit from the best Expert analytics available
  • Predict impact of new applications

More Great Features

Multi-Hop Analysis
Easily tackle multi-segment/multi-tier visibility issues. Observer Expert lets you compare data from multiple perspectives—pre and post load balancer, for example—to pinpoint and solve congestion, fragmentation, delay, intermittent connectivity, and packet loss issues.

MPLS Analysis
Manage MPLS migrations with the Observer Expert network analyzer. View a detailed breakdown of your MPLS network to pinpoint problems and measure performance.

Time Interval Analysis
View conversations in user-defined time intervals. View stats like response time and retransmissions graphically. Quickly scan connections for response time spikes to zero in on problems.

Stream Reconstruction
Capture traffic and recreate communications. Rebuild web pages (including images), and reconstruct e-mails, VoIP calls, video calls, documents, and IMs. Help maintain corporate Internet usage policies, assist law enforcement, and contribute toward Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Plus NetFlow integration, wireless Experts, and the industry's largest memory buffer.

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