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Expert Troubleshooting plus SNMP management and web reports

All-in-One Troubleshooting

Observer Suite is your one-stop troubleshooting powerhouse. It contains all the features of Observer Expert, including Expert Analysis, VoIP and video tools, in-depth application analysis, Connection Dynamics, stream reconstruction, and more, plus support for SNMP and RMON device management.

You get all this, plus the ability to generate and share reports via the web, add custom decode modules for use in proprietary environments, and extract data from external sources using SOAP.

Monitor and Control SNMP and RMON Devices

Observer Suite offers a single solution for multi-vendor hardware networks, including a remote console for SNMP-compliant devices anywhere on your LAN/WAN or the Internet.

  • Report SNMP data in real time
  • Collect data for baseline comparisons
  • Share findings through custom charts, tables, lists, and graphical objects (forms)

RMON is an industry standard for traffic management and packet-level data collection from networks. Observer Suite fully supports RMON and HCRMON standards and lets you monitor any RMON-controlled device including routers, switches, servers, or hardware probes. Stay alert by configuring alarms to warn of impending problems.

Create and Share Web Reports

Observer Suite gives you the flexibility to view data and generate reports for non-Observer users via the web. Address role-based permissions or security concerns by controlling access levels.

Observer Suite makes it easy to share reports, including VoIP and video performance and call quality scoring, across the company and automate report delivery. Obtain current and historical data and usage trends based on specific stations.

Web Report Features:

  • Share reports company-wide
  • Publish network “weather reports” for your corporate intranet/extranet
  • Follow developing trends to prepare for upgrades or expansion activities
  • Drill down into reports for root-cause analysis
  • Quickly publish reports with ready-made or custom reporting options

Advanced Reporting

Observer Suite reports are fully configurable. Benefit from expanded detail, customizable views, and parse data any way you like. Create single, at-a-glance views for management, or comprehensive reports for complex problem investigation.

  • Auto-baseline on all performance and time-based metrics
  • Reduce MTTR with solution-centric workflows
  • Auto-generate reports to any folder or e-mail box
  • Share reports with non-Observer users

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