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Further Info

The RMON Display shows a convenient quick snapshot of current LAN conditions.

Network Instruments’ Probes can be installed as an Advanced Probe or an RMON Probe
All Network Instruments Probes are RMON-ready. Simply choose RMON at the time of installation for complete RMON compliance. Monitor the RMON Probe with your own console or purchase our most comprehensive network management solution – Observer Suite.

  • Full compliance with RMON1, RMON2 and HCRMON
  • Complete, industry-standard, software-based Probes for Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • Software based, non-dedicated data collection
  • Compatible with Network Instruments’ optimized ErrorTrak™ NDIS drivers, which
    display true errors-by-station

  • Supports Ethernet (10/100/1000), Token Ring (4/16/100)
  • Runs on a standard, non-dedicated Windows 2000/XP/2003 PC and requires no
    additional hardware
  • Optimize packet capture, performance and receive additional error information by
    purchasing additional Ethernet NICs and ErrorTrak™ drivers available from Network
  • Must be installed on at least one remote system for each remote network, segment
    or switch to be monitored
  • Run the RMON Probe as a service for full-time data collection

Full compliance with RMON1, RMON2, HCRMON
Network Instruments’ RMON Probes provide full support for all 21 RMON and HCRMON groups by adhering to the following RFC Standards:


RFC 1513


RFC 1757


RFC 2021


RFC 2074


RFC 2577


RFC 3273

RMON Probes are compatible with any RMON Management console or collection facility:
  • Observer Suite
  • OpenView
  • Concord®
  • NetScout®
  • Micromuse™

Choose the Advanced Single Probe or the Advanced Multi-Probe for more options in remote monitoring.



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