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Hardware-Based WAN Advanced Probes
Troubleshoot and document your WAN circiuts without leaving your desk

Network Instruments offers both Hardware and Software-based Probes to accommodate all network speeds and specific network configurations.

Hardware-based WAN Probes are designed to passively monitor and capture WAN traffic and provide a direct link into the data stream, offering an independent and trusted view of network WAN traffic. A complete range of WAN Probe configurations are availible to accomidate almost any WAN circiut.

Hardware-Based WAN Advanced Probes
WAN Probes offer complete inline monitoring, decode and statistics for WAN traffic, as well as all payload data, at links up to DS3/T3/E3 speeds. As with all Network Instruments’ Probes, WAN Probes report to any Expert Observer or Observer Suite console.

WAN Probes provide the console with the following functionality:

  • Real-time statistics for capacity planning and provider performance measurement
  • Real-time error displays for congestion determinations
  • Pinpoint WAN flow problems before they become WAN flow disasters
  • Long-term Trending for reporting and baselining
  • Complete capture and decode of all WAN traffic
  • WAN speeds up to DS3 supported
  • Demarcation-point (digital) or between CSU/DSU and router (serial) monitoring options

Passive solution based on non-intrusive TAPs that can be left inline for easy insertion and removal of the analyzer without interruption of the data flow

WAN Probes include passive TAPs that provide a copy of the traffic while maintaining the signal through the WAN link. Once a TAP is added to a link, the Probe can be attached or removed without interruption of the WAN data flow.

WAN Probes are based on the Windows 2000/XP environment and integrate perfectly with all security and policy based schemes that may be in place. As with all Network Instruments products—if you know how to administer Windows, you already know how to work with Network Instruments hardware.

19" Rack Mount WAN Probe
The Rack-mount Probe integrates a WAN Probe Kit (see above) into an industry standard rack-mount system completely configured and ready to use. The rack-mount system runs Windows 2000 Professional and WAN Probe software.


WAN Probe Speed/Link Options
For Link Speeds up to T1/E1: 1-Port Serial (V.35, RS232/EIA530/V.24, RS449, X.21/V.11/R.422), 2-Port Digital (RJ45), 4-Port Digital (RJ45)

For DS3/T3/E3 Links: 1-Port Serial (HSSI), 1-Port Digital (Coax)

Encapsulation Supported – HDLC-Cisco, Frame Relay (IETF & Cisco), PPP, LAPB modulo128, LAPB Modulo 8, X.25 (over LAPB modulo128), X.25 (over LAPB Modulo 8) and ATM-DXI (ATM Data Exchange)

System Requirements
The rack-mount Probe is a complete system, and only requires a copy of Expert Observer or Observer Suite to report to. Case dimensions are: English 19.0" (W) x 18.5" (D) x 7.0" (H). Metric 483 mm (W) x 470 mm (D) x 177 mm (H).

Once installed a WAN Probe will report to any Expert Observer or Observer Suite console (at least one console is required for analysis). All WAN Probes can monitor fractional or chanelized circiuts.

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