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Support > Installation (W2K)


observerProduct: Observer 6.x and later
Date: 03-09-2000 (updated 4-26-2001)
Title: Installing Observer on Windows NT 2000

Windows 2000Step by Step Installation of Observer for Windows 2000

This describes installing LICENSED Observer using Microsoft Windows 2000. The same instructions apply to installing the time-limited DEMO of Observer on Windows 2000.

These instructions describe the installation procedure for NDIS.

The installation of Observer will involve the following three steps:

1. Run SETUP.EXE from Windows 2000
2. Add the NDIS protocol driver
3. Restart Windows 2000

Step 1: Copy the Observer files onto the 2000 PC
Start Windows 2000 and choose “File”, “Run”. In the “Run” dialog box, fill in the path to the executable SETUP.EXE (typically [your CD drive]:\SETUP.EXE).

The initial setup dialog box will then ask to select the installation language:

Next install will welcome you and then if you want install Observer, Advanced Probe or RMON Probe. Select Observer.

Install will then ask where to copy the Observer files. Unless you have a compelling reason to install Observer elsewhere, we suggest that you install Observer in this default destination.

Install will now copy the Observer files onto your PC.

Install will ask if you are installing in DEMO or licensed mode, uncheck the “Demo Simulation Mode” checkbox.

Step 2: Add the NDIS protocol driver
Once install has copied the Observer program files, you will see a short synopsis of the protocol driver installation instructions:

If this is a first time install, keep the “Install Protocol Drivers” box checked. Once “O.K.” is pressed, install will launch the Windows 2000 Network Setup dialog.  If this window does not open you can manually open it by:

a) Click on Start
b) Click on Settings
c) Click Network and Dial-Up Connections
d) Double click on the Local Area Connection icon.
e) Click on the Properties Button

From this dialog:

a) Select the “Install” button.
b) Select PROTOCOL and then click on add
c) Select Have Disk and browse to the path of the Observer installation directory which typically is c:\observer files and browse to the Drivers\advanced directory and click on OK.
d) When Windows 2000 displays the Network Instruments’ Service driver, “VMONI1, Protocol Analyzer” click “O.K.”

VMONI1.SYS will be added as a service to Windows 2000 networking. When Windows 2000 re-displays the “Network” dialog, press “O.K.”.

Step 3: Restart Windows 2000
Once the Observer files have been installed on your PC and the network configuration has been modified, Windows 2000 will ask if it may restart. Once you reboot or restart Windows 2000, you will be able to run Observer by double clicking on the Observer icon in the Observer group.


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